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I’ve been drawing since age four and have sat in development circles for 12 years. It was the wonderful Sharry Clark then teaching at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain who suggested I bring my commercial art skills into describing the energies around us. Since those early days I have called them  them “downloads” as the information seems to come in a mix of pictures and words and once completed is gone. I have been doing what I call my Intuitive Art pictures ever since both in public, in groups and with individual clients. THe drawings have featured in Psychic News (July 2015)


Also “downloaded” are my Intuitive Art Astrological Oracle Cards (The “Dochas” pack) which I use both personally and in one to one readings with clients. I recognise their deep connection to my Astrology practice and that they have come through to help guide us towards the action we need be taking to move us further along our path.


This information may come from our higher selves, the collective unconscious, our ancestors, past lives or guide energies. Usually we know intuitively how to place them and use them for our development. I am eternally grateful for their presence and committed to sharing them.


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Intuitive Art

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